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Financial Help with Vet Payments

If you are in need of financial assistance for veterinary care for your pet, please consider these options:


If you are on Centrelink or a pension, please contact:

  • Centrelink/Centrepay: Ask them if they can assist with your bills.

  • VetPay: Call 1300 657 984 for payment plan assistance

  • Perth Vet Bill Assistance will cover costs if you are approved if you are found to be ineligible for VetPay.

If you are NOT on Centrelink or a pension, please contact:

  • VetPay: Call 1300 657 984 for payment plan assistance

  • PetStock Vets: Payment options by AfterPay/ZipPay. Clinics located in Brighton, Midland, Cannington and Bunbury.

  • Green Cross Vets: Payment options by AfterPay. Clinics Across Perth.

Alternatively, you can try and negotiate a payment plan with your local vet directly.

If you require URGENT veterinary assistance, please contact PetStock Vets in the first instance.

If you cannot get to the vet

If you cannot get your pet to the vet, please contact a mobile vet service. Here are some mobile vet services operating in the Perth metropolitan area:

If you have exhausted all other options and your pet still needs urgent vet care you are able to surrender your Pet. Their treatment will be covered by the rescue and they will then be re-homed healthy and happy.

For surrenders to RSPCA please contact their animal cruelty hotline to arrange a surrender of your pet into their care. 1300 278 358

For surrenders to Dog Refuge Home, please contact them to arrange for surrender into their care.

For non urgent vet care:

If you need to access veterinary care for your cat or dog for a reason that is not desexing, microchipping, or an emergency contact WA Pet Project and lodge your enquiry using the below form;

If you need more information or guidance, please get in contact with us.

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