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Night Safe Project

This project is aimed at created a link between the safety of Night Club and Night Life patrons, our homeless population, the WA Police, Security Services and the venues themselves ensuring the safety of everyone.

From your door to their door.



FixIt February

Our goal is to reduce the rate of breeding amongst our feral cat population to reduce the strain on rescues, councils and owners.

Through february we aim to fund 10 sterilizations preventing potentially hundreds of kittens over of the lifetime of a cat.

Prison Advocacy

Through meaningful engagement we aim to reduce the rate return to prisons (Recidivism) by ensuring that post prison there is a clear roadmap available for all prisons including those who have been on extended remand.


Street Aid Connect

We aim to make finding support services even easier. We know that times of stress mean looking for support services seems harder. We want to engage with the community to make this even easier.



Animal Health Initiative

2024 is the year we want to ensure owners understand the basics of animal health and welfare. We aim to create an education package for those who don't have a full understanding of what it takes to care for their pet.

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